Services & Referrals

Services may include case management time, counseling, vocational training, adult education, plus many others. The Service Table allows user-defined definitions to include, Type of Service Provided Description, Places where services can be provided, and 1 user-defined field.

By recording where the services are provided and the specific service provided and how many hours were spent providing the service will allow your Organization, Agency or Program to monitor the types of services being provided at various locations and the actual hours invested.

The Outcome Results System allows reporting of this information for one program, selected programs several or all programs. In addition you will be able to compare program to program. This ability will provide a better understanding of your resource utilization.

ORS Services Screenshot

The ORS Referral Module manages both “from” and “to” referrals into one single Referrals database. The ORS Referrals Module captures addresses, phone numbers, fax, email, driving directions, services provided and other qualifying criteria for services to be rendered. The Referrals Module also gives users the ability to print this referral information for your client.

The Outcome Results System also allows your Organization to record the actual time spent by staff members as they are providing services to your client base. Produce reports displaying service hours spent by your staff

.ORS Referrals Screenshot