Client Tracking

The Client Tracking Module provides for a single point of access to all Family (household) and Individual demographic information, Program Assignments, Goals and Evaluations, Referrals, Income and Expenses, History, Special Codes, Voucher Processing, elogic Models, Service Hours and Reporting.....All from one Screen!

ORS Client Tracking

Entering Families & Individuals
Click on the Family tab and easily add family demographic information such as address, phone number, social security number and much more. From there click on the Individuals Tab and begin adding members to the family along with their individual demographic information. It's Just that Simple! The user-friendly interface allows for logical data entry and easy maneuverability throughout the system.

User Defined Fields
ORS allows organizations to setup their software to best fit their business environment. Using the User Defined fields, users can easily add demographic elements that they want to track. The ORS software comes predefined with demographic elements that are fully customizable to meet your needs.

The Client Tracking Module allows you to print the Client Application and begin recording and reporting on the services your Organization, Agency or Program provides.

Income & Expense Tracking
From the Client Tracking Module, Family Income and Expenses can be entered and the system will calculate the family or household’s percentage of the Federal Poverty Level for program qualification and reporting. User controlled income frequency codes allow the system to calculate annual income and expense amounts.

Referring Individuals
From the Client Tracking Module you can provide Referral Management “from” and “to” with the capability to capture complete addresses with phone, fax, email, directions, services provided and qualifying criteria for services to be rendered and the ability to print this information for your client.

From the Client Tracking Module you can Customize Security and Access Levels to assign or deny access to specific programs and code tables to assure that individual client goals, evaluations and service hours are seen only by the users you assigned, but individual and family demographic data can be shared for organizational control and to monitor if duplicate services are being provided.