ORS puts the end user first

What is ORS..? ORS Demo

The Outcome Results System (ORS) is a complete software application that provides human service organizations the ability to collect, track, analyze and report all of the data that is critical to their operations. No matter what types of services your organization provides (and we have customers with hundreds of different types of services), ORS has the tools and features to make data collection and reporting seamless. ORS is designed to run in both a single and multi program environment, which enables both large and small organizations the ability to more effectively run their operations. ORS is a powerful application that is ideal for any organization that needs to more accurately portray the positive impact that they are making. Call us today to learn more.

Our Philosophy

When we began developing ORS in 1997 the rules were simple (there was only one...) "Put the end user, First". To us, this means no matter how many features and tools we add to the software, it must be extremely user friendly for the person performing the job on a daily basis. If the software becomes cumbersome and overwhelming the end user will never truly embrace the software! Many software products on the market today, are developed from a 10,000 foot perspective, and they lose all connection with whom they should actually be developing the software for.... THE END USER!

At ORS, the development team continues to work closely with many different types of organizations across the country (and Puerto Rico) to ensure that the end user experience is both Intuitive and Comprehensive. Try a FREE demo today and you will quickly understand why ORS is an industry leader for human service organizations.

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