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Client Characteristics Report

Family Application Report










The ORS Reporting Module provides your Organization with the reporting tools necessary to assist with the compilation of Annual Reports as well as your day-to-day operations.

Compare data over multiple programs or agencies, by staff members, by services, by client demographic information, by referrals, and much more. The Reporting Module along with the easy to use Query Wizard makes obtaining your data easier than ever.


ORS Duplicated Counts

ORS provides for Unduplicated Counts based upon outcome results generated for individuals and/or families consistent with State, Federal and most private reporting requirements. We understand the need to ensure your reporting is 100% accurate every time. With ORS you eliminate duplicate counts and incorrect data. To learn more about ORS reporting contact us today for a free online demo.

ORS Query Wizard

The ORS Report Wizards allows the user complete flexibility to run the standard reports provided or select user-defined criteria for inclusion or exclusion, sort order and various output options.

ORS provides reports such as Outcome Results over time, program involvement, income types, family history changes in Federal Poverty Level from intake to current, functional level and referrals. Reports can be run beginning at the individual family member level and then rolled up to the family level, program level, Agency level or the Organizational level.

ORS provides the standard CSBG Client Characteristics Report that encompass all the demographic information stored at both the family and individual client level as well as family income by a range of the Federal Poverty Level.