Demo ORSWho uses ORS?

ORS is used by all types of Human Service Organizations including: Community Action Programs, Head Starts, Family Service Organizations, Food Banks, County Human Service, State Human Services, Drug and Alcohol, Domestic Violence and many others.

Is ORS Web Enabled?

Yes! If your organization does not have the infrastructure to support ORS we can host it for you. This allows you to access your data 24/7, anywhere you have an internet connection. To learn more about ORS for the web click here.

Does ORS charge by User?

No, ORS is priced at the organizational level. This provides organizations with the ability to add an unlimited number of users without being charged a dime. The ORS approach has always been that an organization should not be penalized for prospering and adding additional users!


Is ORS customizable?

ORS allows users to customize virtually every report in the system. Use the report wizard to slice and dice your data as needed. ORS also comes preset with a number of User Defined Fields (UDF's) throughout the system, which can be used to collect any type of data information that your organization may need. With UDF's you have complete control over such elements as Labels, Captions and the drop down data information.


Can we import and export existing data?

Yes, ORS contains a complete mapping utility for data import and export. ORS allows for data import in the following formats. To learn more click here.

Microsoft Excel (XLS)
Comma Separated (CSV)
XML Files (XML)
System Data Format (SDF)
Microsoft Multiplan (MOD)
Visual Fox Pro (DBF)
Data Interface Format (DIF)
Dbase (DBF)
Lotus Exports


Does ORS come in Spanish?

Yes! ORS 9.5 and later contains a complete Spanish version of the software. Easily toggle back and forth between English and Spanish to help bilingual users master the software. For more information on ORS Spanish click here.


What type of Security does ORS provide?

ORS allows your organizations to customize security and access levels to assign or deny access to specific programs and code tables to assure that individual client goals, evaluations and service hours are seen only by the users you assigned, but individual and family demographic data can be shared for organizational control and to monitor if duplicate services might be being provided.

In the ORS software, ALL demographic information is shared across the various programs. This allows users to view demographic information, however Program Specific information is secured. Only LIHEAP workers can view LIHEAP specific information, while at the same time they are unable to view program specific information for any other programs.