ORS Support

ORS is developed, supported and maintained by Design Data Corporation (DDC). Because our Development Team works down the hall (literally) from our Support Team, all the resources needed to get your questions answered are readily available. At ORS we understand the value of support and we strive to exceed your expectations.

Phone Support Telephone support

ORS provides unlimited telephone support to our customers. Phone Support is designed to answer technical questions about ORS to help ensure that users are running their system properly. Technicians are available during normal business hours 9-5 est.

Remote SupportRemote Support

New in 2009 "Remote Support" allows our support team to log into your PC/Server and run your system remotely (with your permission of course). This allows us to more effectively address your issues and answer your questions. Remote Support is available to any user who has an internet connection. Using remote support we can transfer files, update reports and provide a number of services as if we were sitting at your computer.

Software UpgradesSoftware Upgrades

The ORS Development Team is constantly enhancing the software to keep up with industry changes and regulations. We are constantly collecting user feedback and suggestions on ways to make ORS even more powerful. As part of the ORS Maintenance Agreement customers will receive upgrades as they are released. An ORS technician can easily walk your system administrator through the upgrade process and explain the new features of the release.

User Group Support User Group

Forming Now! A large number of users have contacted us in regards to starting an ORS users group. In order to get this started we are asking that all interested users fill out the form at the bottom of the contact page and in the comments field indicate that you are interested in being part of the users group.